Monday, January 12, 2009


Where have I been? some have asked me. Well I had all but checked out of my physical and mental existence for a few weeks but I am back. Somewhat. I was walking around in an Edgar suit. (10pts to the first who can tell me what I am referencing) I read the entire Twilight series finishing most books in 2 or 3 days (Yea, I am an official Cullen groupie. I want the t shirt that says Edward can break my headboard any time... or something to that effect) and when Stephanie Myers ended her story when I was unwilling to let it go I found a generic Vampire series by some rip off artist named Charlaine something or other... I can't seem to find her book right now. I was at my most basic form of existence. My kids and my job were the only things able to pierce my armor. At this time I am not able to go into detail but maybe I will be able to get on the other side of this fog soon and make sense of it and ask you all your opinions and then you can help me and all that blah blah blah....

So the Holidays are over. I cannot say this does not please me. It was all quite draining. Does anyone else just feel like the house is dramatically empty after all the Christmas decorations are put back into their long hibernation in the attic? I guess my husband started having greenery withdrawls so he went out and bought 6 HUGE house plants to fill the void. Now if I can just keep them alive...

We got a puppy for Christmas. Well, I should say, we got a puppy. It was kind of spur of the moment and it was not at all my idea. My husband, being the animal lover that he is *snickers*, lost a dog earlier this year and apparently felt the need to replace him. YAY! :/ Don't get me wrong. I am actually an animal lover. I have fallen in love with this dog and I hope my husband has too because I don't think I could take another "mysterious pet disappearance'. At first we called him Damien but that became way too ominious way too quick. The breed, after all, has not always had such a good rap. So we took a family vote. (It was actually a very annoying 'pick a card any card, rock paper scissors, who has the shortest straw' kind of event that tried my very patient if not zombie like nerves. So Rocky it is. I have been trying to get a pic but he gets very excited when I let him in the house so all I get are blurs. I will keep trying. (The other choice was Cowboy) I have adapted it to Rocky "The Rockstar" Burnett. I wish I would have thought of that before I made his nametag. He is very smart and learned how to sit in about 20 minutes. Well, kinda. He won't do it unless he knows he will get a treat. Like I said, Smart. He knows his pecking order in the family. He sees the kids as siblings and won't do a damn thing they say but if me or the alpha male tell him no he obeys.

*****shutting sown due to husband arrival*****

Ok I am back. My hubby doesn't like it when I blog. What he fails to understand is that I have to get this stuff out of my head somehow. Much like Queen of Coins, I get "Full of Shit". He won't listen to me and thinks I am building intimate relationships with random people. All my problems are petty and much less important than his. He won't even read these. Whatever. I'm not bitter.

So Christmas came and went. I didn't get anything I wanted except for my Paula Dean pots and pans and that is only because my husband gave them to me early under the guise that I needed them to cook Christmas dinner. How thoughtful. Well it turns out that he got the wrong ones. Ok now. Dude. I could not have made this any easier for him unless I went out and bought them myself. I took him to the store. I took him to the isle. I pointed at the box. This is what I want. Here is the price tag. Bring enough money. OMG he doesn't even go to the right store! Mine were at Wal-Mart. He goes to Target. I wanted non-stick. He gets stainless. We go back to Target to exchange them. They don't have what I want so he gets his money back. He originally pays with his debit card but they give him a cash refund. Now we head to Wal-Mart to get the right ones when low and behold some dudes are in the parking lot selling... pitbulls! I could see immediately there was no way he was leaving without one. He even had the exact amount of cash needed to buy the little guy. How convenient. Was this just a coincidence or some kind of sick fate? It could all be construed as my fault because I was not satisfied with my gift right? This dog better not turn out to be a menace.

He did the same thing with the perfume. I emailed the store, the location in the store, and the correct spelling. Chloe Narcisse. I unwrap Chloe. I thought about exchanging it but the store is right next to a Pet Smart. I decided I didn't want to end up with a ferret or tarantula so I kept my mouth shut. It stinks.

We got our first family picture made. The tool that called himself a photographer didn't do that great a job. The two big kids are in another solar system and me, hubby and Nana are huddled together like we are about to make a play to break Romo's legs. Oh well, we are still beautiful.

My boss says I have to get my computer replaced. Why??? It would be cool if it was being replaced with a brand spanking new one but no, I get one from the back with more memory or something. I am going to be very upset if my iTunes doesn't get transferred over completely intact. And what about all the crap on that old computer? It must have iTunes. I don't want someone's else's crap on my iPod. I know, I know, I can fix all that in time but damn it, busy season is starting up and I need my iPod functioning properly. I am not looking forward to this. The computer lady says she can get it all transferred properly but I think I am still going to buy a thumb and save all my crap anyway. How many bytes or bits or gigs do I need for 600 songs, 9 movies, and about 40 hours of audio books??