Thursday, May 5, 2011

The End Is Near!

Soooo, I haven't posted anything relevant in what seems like years. I got a divorce, my 9 year old daughter and I moved in with my mother and her beau. I started my lucrative job as a daycare teacher, met an awesome guy and began my college experience, all at the age of 33. Fun times. Please forgive any punctuation mistakes because English 1301 made me cry and I just don't care. Finals are all up in my nether regions and I would like to express how much I despise learning dumb shit. Math sucks. English sucks. History sucks. Biology sucks. Government sucks. Psychology was pretty cool. Did I mention MATH SUCKS?

On May 10th at approximately 5pm I will have completed my first year of higher education. This will be a cause for great celebration. I am on the fence in deciding whether I will take any summer courses. My sensible side says YES. My lazy ass, very much over textbooks and idiotic professors say TAKE A FUCKING BREAK. I work a full time job, and have a kid. My mental capacity (and desire for beer thirty to be ASAP) can only handle so much.
Let it be known that my kid will be away for most of the summer, with her father or visiting relatives in sunny California AND I may have a work schedule that puts me waking up at 10 am instead of 5 am. HALALULA!! (I know I spelled that wrong, but it's the way my little spoiled brat-angel face says it)

A new friend of mine says start off short and sweet. So I should end it here.

If anyone knows of any daycare related blogs please link me to them... I'm not sure what I will be getting into with this. It will require serious aninimity? no. anonumusness? no. Uhhh... my spell check sucks. Anonymity. Thanks Nick :)


The Restaurant Manager said...

WTG on your first year of higher education!! That is something to be proud of!! =)

Spelling is way over rated!

Leslie Michelle said...

Thanks TRM. I have been an manager for many things... fast food probably doesn't count in your world. You make me smile for being an awesome guy and commenting :D
I heart you.

The Restaurant Manager said...

Of course fast food counts. It's all the same idiots with all the same complaints!!

Leslie Michelle said...

Lol. I managed a Sonic and a Subway in fast food. Before I was manager at Sonic, I did the roller skate thing. It was awesome.
I hate going to Subway now because I want to make my own sandwich.
Now I am the crazy lady with weird requests.

Adam Hawthorne said...

I'm so glad you found the time to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard? Whatever!) and got us all caught-up!
I kind of feel like (from all the other media we have in common that allows me to probe into your life) that you're flowing with creativity right now and I think that you're onto something right now... ...I'm not quite sure how it will manifest itself but I hope that it definitely does manifest itself.

My secret hope is that your practical side doesn't prevail immediately and monopolize the entire summer. I can definitely picture you enjoying a fabulous few months during the summer taking a break from FT parenting and using the time to nurture your fabulous new romance (which I encourage because when I talked with him on FB he seemed really nice).

But whatever you do it will be right!

Adam Hawthorne said...

Oh and I'm such a dumbass, CONGRATULATIONS on completing your first year! When I went back to school at almost thirty it was great to go back with an actual interest in education itself, but I was so suprised that in addition to the new obstacles that appeared some of the old ones came back pretty much unchanged after a decade... ...for example:

And look... ...all of a sudden I'm an adult BACK IN MATH CLASS. The only difference is that as an adult it's easier to be more stubborn about being held to these commitments... ...unlike being a highschool student where learning is your job.

Oh but yeah (rambles) CONGRATULATIONS (again) and HALALULA math is OVER (for now!)

Leslie Michelle said...

Thanks Adam. You are truly awesome.