Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big News *Posted elsewhere September 2nd 2009

I am, well I was listening to Kidd Kraddick on uStream until he started talking about the girl that was abducted. I can not listen to that stuff. It makes me so sad I can hardly function. People in the chat room are saying stuff like "If anyone did something to my kids I would be going to jail. Not Them. I can go along with this to a certain extent. It would absolutely kill me if something like that happened to my daughters. I had encounters as a child and I don't really know if it has affected me. I'm sure it has but how would I know different? Know what I mean?

The girls in the office keep talking about it too. I have to get up and leave the room. Why are these things such Big News? I know we have to be aware and all that, but Sweet Baby Jesus do we have to continue talking about it everyday? When I hear these stories my heart breaks. I get physically sick with agony for what the children went through at the time of the abduction and all of the horrific things that get done to them. What are those poor innocent babies thinking? How can God let a child get raped, molested, arms cut off, etc. ??? How can a person be so full of evil that they can perform those acts? I just can't deal with it. Dear God I hope I never have to. Amen

On a different note - The meeting with the future ex did NOT go well. I had a huge headache from my teeth when I left work so I wasn't in the best mood to start with. I didn't say much. I just watched him load stuff in and when I realized I had enough room to the the holiday decorations I had him open the garage so I could get my stuff. He asked If I was going to let him keep any of the decorations and I said "No, I saved the money, I bought them, I did the decorating." I tried to grab a box and he asked me why I was being such a bitch to him. I asked him why he was a bitch to me for the last 10 years. He took the box and told me I wasn't taking anything until I gave him back his daughters iPod.

Al-righty now, the iPod in question was originally bought for his daughter, my step daughter, 2 years ago for Christmas. She/we tried to set it up but the computer wasn't working or she didn't have an iTunes card or something. I'm in her room one day and notice it under her bed so I get pissed and take it away. Tell her if she treats her expensive gifts like this she isn't responsible enough to own them. Her dad agreed with me. A few months down the line I'm at work and I set it up and add some songs. For 2 years I have had this iPod which everyone in the house has recognized as mine.

He starts scream at me and I don't even remember what, but most of it was the iPod and "You better not have forged my name on the title to that car". Saying stuff like, "I have given you everything you wanted , why are you being so hateful?" WTF does he expect? A kiss and a hug. I just give up on the decorations and go to leave. He gets in the way of the door so I cant shut it. I lay on the horn so anyone around might see or hear and he backs off. I hurry up and lock the doors and try to calm down. It takes a minute because I am freaking out scared at this point. He was still yelling at me as I drove off. Now I am freaking out with anxiety about what's going to happen in court tomorrow.

About to take my anti anxiety/anti depressant. Lets hope that isn't what gave me that kick ass migraine yesterday.

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