Sunday, September 6, 2009

Court Day *Posted elsewhere September 3rd 2009

Well all the anxiety I had about "The big day" was for nothing. Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus!

My lawyer called about 9 am so we could get on the 'same page'. She obviously noticed my anxiety level. I told her I had never even driven in Downtown Dallas, much less knew where to park or what door to go into etc. So she asks me "Where are you now?" Turns out her house is like 5, minutes from where I work so she told me just to meet her there and she would drive and we could talk more on the way. BIG blessing. Thank you God!!

We get there and she starts explaining to me how things are going to work. We are first on the docket. In a lull in conversation I tell her I'm going to go find the ladies room before all this gets started. On the way back down the hall I spot him and he looks so confused. "Which room are we supposed to be in?" he asks me. I lead the way.

My future ex, we will call him Jimmy, because that is his name, lol, showed up without a lawyer. This could be considered good or bad. Good, because Me, my lawyer and Jimmy sat down to mediate.( In case you don't know, that's just coming to agreements without having to go to trail) He didn't want to fight me on anything. Custody mine? Ok. Pay child support? Fine. Let me get the rest of my stuff from his house? Sure. Split the accumulated medical bills on our daughter? I guess. Except...

Good parts...

Right before I left he and his dad decided to put my car in the shop to get the transmission fixed. I had no part in that but I was thankful. Jimmy's dad paid for the new transmission. That was about $900. So he brings that up. "I still owe my dad for the transmission repair." I come back with "I still owe my boss about $900 to pay the damn thing off because you were going to let it go back and leave me car less." Equals us even, right?

He also brought up the stupid iPod, and actually said to my lawyer, "I have given her everything she wants. That is the only thing she has that I want. " I say "I will give you the iPod if you replace my phone you threw at me and broke." He says he can't afford it. Well debt paid off then right? I buy my own new phone and keep the Ipod as repayment. Makes sense right? He says ok in the end.

Bad part...

He doesn't owe $5000 in attorney fees. It's like he walked in there without a lawyer but got to use mine for free! That kinda ticks me off. I wonder if I can make him pay half the court costs even thought I started this whole thing.

3 more months of anxiety. yay me. I never know when he will snap.

An aside for those who are following. I didn't get a that bad of a headache/migraine yesterday when I took my anti anxiety/depression meds at lunchtime. I'm going to try taking it tonight at bed time. Wish me luck.

Love to all for reading , and don't forget to leave a comment. Your input keeps me going :) Love Leslie

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