Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Longing For the Good Ole Days

This is the first year I voted. Shame shame, I know. My guy didn't win. I am still coming to terms with this as I type. As I was about to press the big red VOTE button I was still confused and undecided because basically, I spent all of 20 minutes total reviewing the candidates' policies and standings and B, I hate to be wrong and 3, I don't feel qualified to put my opinion into the universe. It's not really that I hate being wrong, I just want to do the right thing. So the right thing at the time was just to do what my very republican daddy (and a few other trusted people in my life would do). Indifference is something I've grown to accept in myself... one other thing I must work on. Everyone needs an opinion right? It seems that I always have more pressing matters in my immediate vision than what is going on around me. I don't even really remember the last election but I guess that is because I was being self centered and I probably didn't give a shit. I am in my 30's now and I have a bunch of kids (even though I have only given birth to 2, there are a bunch more that call me "mom"). This was a very important election and that, I could tell, not only because my kids were worried about it as much as I was, but I think it could have been a big scam to change America very quickly. They can try right? I mean really, In the same election year a black man and a woman were introduced into the highest level of politics and "servitude" possible. This opens up 2012 to amazing and very varied possibilities. It's quite possible that McCain was "planted" to minimize the effect of Obama's win. He had to do something as different as a black man running for president so he picked a no name woman to be his running mate. She will always be a fixture in society now, as will Hillary (that was fu**ing funny). It could be that this was all staged and there are way higher powers that we will never know about running this country and affecting our "votes". I guess I long for the days when I didn't care. I guess all we can do now is come to terms with what is in front of us and sit back and giggle (or cry) when things don't go as we expected. Lets just stop paying our mortgage because Barack will fix it when we get foreclosed on and who needs to save gas money because Barack will give us all handouts whenever we need them......BULLSHIT. Hey, I'm not bitter, I'm ready for change. How about you?? What did you expect?
Shitty outlook? Yes. Paranoid? Yes. Completley honest? Yes. Don't hate me because I'm a blogger.........or because I can't spell. ;-)

No more politics for me in the future, it will be way more boring from here on out.

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