Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay all Day.

And so the winter is really here now
And the blankets that I love
I am surrounded sometimes
By too much love...Stevie Nicks

I heard this morning from a reliable source that we were getting our first freeze here in my little part of Texas tonight. It better be true because what I just went through may not have been worth it. Lets hope the beer will make my memories firewood dust in the wind. Its pretty cold out there now and its starting to piss me off. The wind is blowing too hard and its the kind of day to just stay home. But no. I just have to get right out in the middle of of the first dog days of winter. Apparently so did everyone else.

I write down titles and ideas for future blogs all day long. I have scraps and folded pieces of paper and sticky notes everywhere. This was one of the ideas I will put into action at this time, if only in passing. "If you ever get to the grocery store and there are no baskets in the basket holding area, immediately turn around and go back home because the grocery shopping experience is sure to be a bitch!"

Even though that little tidbit of information I just gave out has proven itself to me time and time again. (I love the Counting Crows) I overlooked my well founded fears and obtained a basket from the gentleman that was corralling and herding them in from the parking lot. I saw a beautiful Christmas display upon entering and reveled in the atmosphere of so many complete strangers getting ready for the imminent cold snap or perhaps just doing the ritual they created long ago of Saturday afternoon spending of their zealously earned money. I was pretty much immediately disillusioned and booted out of my pleasant assessments of my surroundings.

I mean DUDE, WTF is up with people? Don't get me wrong here. I am not the least bit prejudice to any race, religion, creed or color but what is up with those damn little black "think they own the world" teenage girls. I know its not just the black ones. Most teenagers think they own the world. Its great to have confidence and all but once again, damn! The ones I encountered today just happened to be black. They clearly saw me trying to pass. They practically stared a hole through me like they couldn't believe I had the audacity to imply that I wanted by. MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY ASSHOLES!! Oh, and tuck your boobs back in your shirt. Its cold outside.

Hence the reason for me being out in this crap in the first place. I needed firewood. And marshmallows. And homemade chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. And beer. Can't forget the beer.

I always look forward to the changes of the seasons because I get sick of the same thing. Every. Day. God had a brilliant idea to give (most of) us this welcome change in our environment a few times a year. If we didn't get to see something new all around us once in a while our pathetic little minds might shut down with the min-ot-a-nee (I cannot spell that an the stupid spelling bee and dashboard dictionary on this mac can't make sense of may sad, sad attempts to try) of our lives. About the time I get sick of sweating, sunburns, and mosquitoes, (not to mention the killer electric bills)... viola - fall starts showing its pretty little head. And winter soon follows.

Ohhh winter. How I longed for the relief in 100 degree+ temperatures. BUT the cold wind that blew the sunglasses off my head that I had to bend down and pick up causing my purse, once hanging safely from the shoulder strap to shift and spill onto the asphalt my very beloved cellphone giving it a scratch that I could have done without-and the cumbersome coat I was wearing would not surrender the keys that were in my cumbersome pocket-and the firewood that was bundled not so securely in its firewood bag was depositing firewood dust all over the back seat floor board and mixing its dusty self with the Poptart crumbs and gum wrappers that my oh so adored children left me as an early Christmas present. Sorry 'man that was walking by' that surely heard me say a not so nice word. Or two. Grrrrr, (not Brrrr) to say the least. At least it wasn't raining as well.

As hostile as my relationship with winter is, I must admit I absolutely delight in an enjoyable winter night in front of a popping, crackling, oh so warm fire. With homemade chicken soup and roasted marshmallows.

So now I must go and start the chicken... and get the hearth ready because it has been blocked all summer by the TV, for which my loving husband is currently building an new stand...and make sure the naughty word I just heard him say isn't due to the fact that he amputated a limb while using a very sharp and loud cutting instrument. And get another beer. Yay Saturday! Or using the very Dr, Seuss ish words of my new friend David, "Yay all day."

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